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As a nonpartisan educational non-profit that produces both live events and multimedia content, American INSIGHT offers a fresh outlook on the core values of our constitutional republic and the foundations of America’s legal system. By developing real-life and virtual communities among students, citizens, scholars, educators, and the general public, American INSIGHT creates and maintains a safe space for creative dialogues that explore the right to speak out.

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Sign up for our new private online course, Make History Every Day! – a self-guided, self-reflective deep-dive through history that connects the core values of our nation to contemporary Free Speech FilmsTM and their filmmakers from around the world.


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Arthur B. Carles: Philadelphia Artist

Arthur B. Carles: Philadelphia Artist is an Award-winning historical documentary that examines the virtuosity of a seminal artist whose career captured the very essence of artistic freedom at the height of Philadelphia’s cultural legacy during the first part of the twentieth century. Produced by the Interns at American INSIGHT, the film features Anne D’Harnoncourt, Edmund Bacon, Barbara Greenfield, Barbara Wolanin, Perry Ottenberg, Quita Brodhead and others as they define the importance of Carles’ legacy.